NAVGDPR vs Microsoft’s NAV functionality for GDPR

How does the NAVGDPR toolset stack up against Microsoft’s NAV functionality for GDPR?

The NAVGDPR Module offers a range of functions to help achieve complete GDPR compliance.

The Toolset is quick to configure and requires no development.

Any NAV database can be scanned to identify where personal information is stored – regardless of what development changes have been made or what add-ons are installed in the Database.

All GDPR data protection requests are handled by the Toolset.

Out-of-the-box Functionality and Reports allow for a quick deployment.

Microsoft standard Data Protection Functionality for NAV

The Microsoft standard Data Protection is a starting point upon which to build a personalised Data Protection Solution within NAV.

Each field in the database has to be manually categorised as sensitive data.

Standard NAV functions such as Export to Excel and RapidStart can then be used to assist in managing sensitive data.

Extra development is required to produce automated Functions such as erasing data or blocking customers.


Microsoft Functionality NAVGDPR Module
Categorise each field in the database as sensitive data Manual Process Automated Process
Auditable Log of Processed Data Protection Requests Yes (Using Dynamics 365 for Customer Service) Yes
Scan Database Function to Find Personal Data No Yes
Create Profiles for each type of Data Subject No Yes
Predefined Access Report No Yes
Predefined Function to Export Personal Data No Yes
Predefined Function to Erase Personal Data No Yes
Automatic Backup of Deleted Data No Yes
Test Report when Deleting Data No Yes
Scheduled Removal of Data No Yes

Table 1 NAVGDPR comparison to Microsoft Functionality


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