Personal / sensitive data discovery

The GDPR applies to all personal data that is collected in the EU, regardless of where in the world it is processed. Any database containing personal or sensitive data collected within the EU will be in scope, as will any media containing personal or sensitive data. Any organisation that has such data in its systems, regardless of business size or sector, will have to comply with the GDPR

Personal data is anything that can identify a ‘natural person’ and can include information such as a name, address, date of birth, an email address (including work email address), phone number, bank details, posts on social networking websites, medical information or even an IP address

Finding and Understanding Your Company’s Personal Data Is the First Step for Compliance

Understanding all of your customer’s personal data elements and data lineage is the first necessary step to implement a compliant data governance process. This is not a trivial task, and historically companies have had to resort to expensive manual work to accomplish this

The configurable scan and search tool catalogues sensitive data items across your organisation’s Dynamics NAV databases